3 Nov

A hymn for a new song
My life is a disaster
I’m picking up the pieces where God left off
Oh metal sanctuary sing to me of vacuums and grit
Betray the betrayed for just one more hit
I’m scooping up the pieces of a dire winter that fell with blankets and demons
Tell me what to do and I’ll do it if I have to, unless I don’t like it, and then I might still do it unknowingly
Dinner calls, money falls from the sky like pigs and sausages
A strung together collection of one liners doubling back on itself ad infinitum.


Graveside grateful

2 Nov

Surrounded by metal
My copper sanctuary
Iron hands grip iron bars
Claws for copper sulphate
Tricksy feelings and betrayal
Grunting and groaning in the darkness
Lead to the light when you forget the past
And strike on toward a new day
The sun is coming up and I’m getting mixed signals
Should I stay or should I go
Be calm or be afraid
And the wind always blows from the north


1 Nov

Stream of consciousness flow from one line to the next
Varied and ambiguous meanings in a typed sea of text
How many words have gone and how much laughter’s been lost
And how many smiles have taken the place of frowns

A predictably understandable rhythm
Not rowing too far out from shore
Words are held in to prevent schisms
And surrender to whom the waves have tossed

This is where I start to lose place
And the faces of those whom I’ve known
Will fly In front of my eyelids
And history will say that I’ve grown

Your life is a song

1 Nov

Outcropping on the edges of disaster, a nitwits dream for better things
Relay the message across the foggy hilltops and climb higher in an elevator to reach the top
The thirteenth floor stop and open the door it’s a parakleets dream to be unseen
Sitting on the floor of a burnt out reactor reacting and enacting the movements of our ancestors
Race to the finish line, it’s almost time it’s almost time
It’s hardly time at all


20 Oct

The abominable snowman skating on ice. Sasquatch having tea with the small bright fairy princess of the west wood, and Bigfoot is playing basketball. The loch ness monster is playing super Mario brothers and wearing a red baseball cap. A werewolf is howling at the moon. Gnomes and green clad leprechauns play bluegrass violins while t Rex and stegasaurus battle it out on chess at the park. Witch children are swinging and seesawing on the playground. The Blob is taking pictures.


15 Oct

Today I discovered my iPhones voice recorder. Needless to say, but piano hijinks did occur heretoafter. Jolly good, yeh, jolly good sir. I’m looking for a merger of piano art words. Video? Me think so. Two tv screens, idealistically two wall projectors, but more realistically my laptop and a tv. One shows a slideshow while the other plays video of country living. Piano banging and serenading plays in the background accompanying words of poetry and verse straight from the horses mouth to the hearse and the cradle. Take a ladle and spoon out some heart and presto formo you’ve got art


Coal Mining

12 Oct

Coal Mining