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🐤tiny wings😄

29 Sep

Tiny wings review: game app for iPhone
Words to describe: a burgundy pleasure dome arena of rolling hills and sideways laughter bird-Dom. A complete measure of joy and frolicking meadows. Yellow hills red hills striped hills up down down up and again be careful and gather up that speed for take off Kermit the frog times three announces your liftoff timing right with peck and friends. Beautiful birds and rolling mountain ranges. A pleasure to behold. Watch yourself and forget to breathe, or don’t. It’s amusing because I say so. That really grinds my gears. And get a fish for finishing first and swallow a shrimp for last. Easy controls: just tap to descend and release to take off and fly- time your descents just right to gain the most altitude and speed your velocity is trampling a vector venn diagram victory is yours so change your name, Victor. And…..FIN. 5 out of 5 yellow beaks.