Watermelon rotunda

5 Nov

Isvinitu okey dokey misanthropic amorphic minkolators
A man with a yellow hat and brown stained gloves
Microscopic malconstruzel
A pair of lights orange beneath the fog
Beneath the dogs logs clogs frankensence and myrrh
Is this all that you’ve been hoping for
3 men walk past in white stickered hard hats
Fog blazing in the blue sky
The sun is coming out and it’s shining on the multicolored trees and the smoke:
Smoke soaks the choked bloke from his hiding space hideout and it’s not a race, chaste Bertha
A brown pool of blood and mud circles around and loops outward
A gritted grated walkway with denizens abounding
Sounding the horn for the click scratch and the hum and the low rumble, intercom announcement, engine roar


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