Only read this if you have absolutely nothing else to do

5 Nov

I’ve decided I have to be; there’s no other choice but to; its necessary and essential for me to write and be a writer with pen and paper, keypad and monitor, iPhone and twitter pencil and napkin. It’s a must see occasion and it’s the only way for peace and joy and selfishness and ambition to rub me the wrong way with the other choices that flood and keep flooding my brain stem areas. Ate a tomato and threw puke up to the garden of peace. Goodness and patience for the circling whirlpool of faith and hope. Love the gravity gravitas and gratis without even thinking of grace. And now the cloudiness sweeps away the afternoon with sunshine rays piercing thru the darkness of darkness; the dark piercing sun rays bloody Sunday’s with cream. The leaves fall and are falling to gather together under a spectrum of crinkly soft goodness pulled and brought in union and one accord with the sound of the accordion and the unicorn until the glue no longer sticks and holds the universal world together as a magical thought of peace, love, joy and hope. Oh happiness, when will you empty my doorstep of faith. The heart beats for you to a different drummer’s drumstick; chop suey duet quick Richard playing now for the frown comes later Sundays, but for now we feast our eyes on the abundance of leftover life that mechanically entrancingly flows under with beyond through above technicolor rainbow swirls marbled textured bezelled and bedazzled above and beyond all hopes and cream dreams. It’s a sure shot to hoy the toy, not fought of yankeedoodle candlesticks burning bright in the nights, flight tight mite cramp squeeze bless these knees bees. Of course the others too don’t forget the mothers others bless their souls above all else together with the aforementioned rhapsody in blues clues due💔🚀💤
Alarm alarm wake up pup wake up, the new dawn dawns and breaks open the casings of the beat thumper, waken all to the sound of a heartbeat. One two buckle your mouth shut, open your belly for resuscitation nation. missile alert one two one two and who where when how what are when that was encyclopedia brown of you??? Don’t look don’t stop now it’s hi time we found the sound alert alert, it hurts to do good, should we hyperventilate to the rhythm of the ocean sound waves beckoning a useless wonder to behold? Ellipse eclipse for these lips told the waxing and waning of a second universal world of work and play, the sound fury jack dull boy ahoy ahoy ahoy weigh anchor ye tramp scalliwags!

Say it again Sam, human interaction is a faction. uncouth limousines beneath the banana banana orange flaming bureaucrat waste limit line find thought kind human signs of life. End line. End of the line, sonny Jim! Awaken. Burn and harden your clay in the massive stone kiln of connundrum. life is worth living if your giving and taking and occasionally baking cookies chocolate brownies cub scouts webelos bacon sausage egg and cheese ham and cheddar. And that’s almost to the letter Ledbetter.

In the world not of the world. Above the world. Gentiles Pharisees and the law. A frozen chosen cohesion freeze ion blaster. And I could go faster master wake up and smell the coffee of life to the full and more abundantly than thou

I know I should but could I would I be your neighbor beware the labor that’s so sad to know when you’re bowling for fish wishes beware the hate beware the scare of the one who knew ya who wouldn’t look down to you from the blessings the idle messings the looping forwards and the attitude bore USA Norway on the usamo threat to relet the voyage set you straight the mistake is late fright mailed to the slate of belated crates open up wide and feast your eyelids on this prize, dibs, one two three open for me eat eat eat glad to meat ya open forward toward and bored número UNO is the one who you know, the crowning glory is mistaken for the ship captains lorry, flowery gravesites on Davy jones locker blockers shocker the blocks flocks and explain this miss! Why’d I catch you doin the zoo tangoo with the flew heron bones red zone calculating spot shot fought boxing man, find pond water frogs daughter
the latches are open and broken off the hinges of an unexplained tomorrow’s sorrow borrow the sugar if you may please say the ways not forgotten and bring why you’ve broughten shore pudding the shouldn’t way sayer neigh player hey you hey you hey you heyo u air oxygen hyperventilation nations appease me scientists please me fill me up to the full of the pup who’s barking and hRking and fish mammal sharing rhyme time is liming with lemon squezzy if you pleat in the worlds banquet handkerchief losers are abusing the bruisers and will this rhyme ever cycle out. Will it spin forward to a cycle by circles mike so we can shout red sauerkraut. Blue association nation Mario sorrows blue mic horrors borrows the sugar from your barracuda Tracking. Tracking. Disappointing.
Annointing. Zero pointing.
Im writing to you, brothers because you have conquered the world.
Horror house fright night.


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