How to be an alive snob

11 Oct

Living breathing sufficating redemption. Some folk think its not too easy being green, but when you’re lean a porkchop looks nice at the porch shop. Nonsense ramblings of an egotistical mind, philosophical philandering turns water into wine, it’s Franzia we’re gulping across the shores of tired time spiked with lemon lime and zero calories. For your health benifit, a bakery misfit. Nitwit misquotes the bloke with thick wit lines lining the forehead grime. Splice the sit down stand up with get down Get Up there to climb a peppered pear tree partridge family sandwich maker, and I’m no Fakir from India Israel I’ll bend to your every increasing desire expired blatant liars behind funeral pires of dire count choculas final recipe, don’t mess with me cause I’m hotter than hot and snottier than shot putters doing the tango with a dancing bear wearing a tu tu who’s alive


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