Every third thought

11 Oct


Have yourself a dream

It’s stranger than it seems
And my flesh is turning yellow to the tackle teams defense

And skyscrapers have been falling every since
Take aim at the plumbers tumbling schizophrenic eyebrows
They seem to flow strangely

Kindlings on the fire
Or I’ll take the lead and lesson my blood bleeds

My heart burns for you

Are we behaving?
A slice of lemon lime flavoring
The deepest ever shifting meaning of bow tough flock fourth

Four folks broke the yoke joke

Files smile astronomy

From tough cold sloughing scales portrait
Redress the best for you, them, us, motor

Encountered demons, rascals, yokels, dream men

The savior of time is space in another dimension

Louting forward notions
Torn between tree men monk colony float

Retell the slightest combunction
Pastor of weary sheep shocked sheared mocked
A treatise on well being


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