11 Oct

Retrace the lines
Recalculate the spines
Restrain the times flow from your fingertips vines
Reupholster the borrowed Cadillac
Renew your magazine subscriptions or the Catt will act crazy, even lazy in the house with hidden shrines

Parking ticket at the mall shop
Stir the straw from the malt hop
Betray the kindness of his melting eyelids with the stomp chomping Driads of the living forest’s florist

And don’t think twice before selling the vice
We’re selling the news, fairly used and abused before the sands of McDonalds algebra equations turn our sadness joy to elation with Asians

Recalculate the misanthrope before he cuts your throat
Reimagine the wanderer before he gives up hope
Redial the wrong number and find out you can float


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