I’m writing this to you, dear children

3 Sep

As an exposé on liberal fascist cannibalism rampant in these u.s. of a. Zombie post- apocalyptic countdown to zero hour. Are you are ready?? Because hear here we go and it’s off to the races one two ready your shoelace is dripping sweat off the presses Lindsay Lo hanes insane dresses for pope blessings excommunicate the belated gangster
Axial meltdown and exchange for the nuclear tune age museum age stone age rage turn turn the pAge my mothers in.a daze rat maze race the coo clock can you dig it cabs digest sit comfortably now ya hear your earring sings glory hallelujah. My names drew I’m here to red white and blue ya. Booyah boullaibase sweet dressing. Salad spinach lettuce tomato hazel basil blessings the sound of music comin to ya thru ya dripping sweat off the presses for the hot hot summer Olympics on channel Hannibal 9 number number 9 número UNO spoon yo it’s too big for ya melanin core ya pour ya drink sink stink think about it nicely. White wrapper. Toe tapper. Led zeppelin, joe crapper. John Lennon. Loose women. Feminine swimming fishes screaming for wishes. Leaning for kisses. Creaming the dishes then washing them sloshing him zen Buddhist monk skunk punk flunking hunk junk zero hour spoon fed mandalin wed bred rhinestone cowboys hungry man chow boys how chow brown cow how now ow yaoh Ming sings yo yo mah brings it to the hoop y’all. Monsters playing ski ball moshi sushi sew she her? Me mine me be mine yo plait the hare Brady Braidy bunch barely had lunch punch the rhythm schismed with the fascism. Breath of fresh air breadth of blonde thin Air bAll call the shot what’s hot your snot shooting out your earlobes, CEOs with fros cruise the old’ pros Benihana Oprah Winfrey shows nose knows hair care product, moose limousine project the light sky in the night eye pupils zooming pencil ceiling healing windows heil to the filing. Cabinet wile away the lime if you like piña coladas and getting drunk skunk coyotes reign the cow oAts goats float duck science luminescences effervescent pleasant shooting fishing wish upon a car, I’d rather have a Rambo lAmbo for sham wow how did he do it? And then the race chase begins. Debit please.


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