A parody blogs blog

3 Sep

A parody blogs blog:
1. Snog the ape smog song
2. It won’t be long tongs pear with me now
3. Odilon radon combustible phazon conductors
4. Loose leaf instructors
5. Fall in love with me
6. Flail thru Davy jonez seaweed seasoned see knees
7 scooping up bees keys unlock the shocks bounce through the blue new year atmospherical combine
8. Fear and abide in the vine signs of the coming age
9. Rage fap tears crAp hAppening sister missed her
10. If it wasn’t her I kissed there then who are you?
11. Hoot hott hoot hoot bot too old to
12. Amble the stairwell
13. Loading…loading
14. Docking bay 4 primed and ready
15.lock down Air compressed sound the horn
16. Born for bubbles
17. Trouble wasn’t born to fear ya
18. Missy Elliott the zeAlot camolott shoe shine whine and dine
19. On ebay: used camo lot of 9 pins gArbled penguins win the championship radio messAge
20. A timely massage is a blessing
21. Tuesday: French dressing, charlton Heston and guessing who won Ben HUr trivial pursuit of nothing ess
22. The loch ness hAmpster hamper black bleached sheep sine wave to the queen your life’s away for the daisy dukes puke projector protect her with your life knifes aweigh anchor at bay fire at the brown grass hill nosing mole holes froze thing sings a dandelion do it spritely and impolitely
23. Druids and imps
24. Hardcore opens the door

It’s a chore; a message to and of the universal plug; pugs dog fight, slugs bite fright nite
Skype me at 110344567 or leave unleavened bread at mAh doorstep yep yep yep sooooooooooey! War dam eagles! SOS under mah umbrella


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