A commentary on hairy bologna, video games, and oh look! The world stopped!

3 Sep

And is stopping for you. God is moving. A message to you hairy nefarious schemers And plotters. And a one and a new attitude dude. Freeze frame the blame game and don’t come a knocking if the block ain’t rocking. Tetris, thAt is. Zuma Zumba glad to see thru ya. Above and beyond all expectations and lacerations. ExfoliAte the hate. Apes hip for blog smog sing the melody twice cuz it’s too hot baby. If you’re hot your hot if you’re not you’re asteroids destroyed in a mesmering shower of tower power hour. How? It’s too hot for comfort but don’t run for shade water is waiting wading in the sauce hollondaise from holland days、swimming swimming under the deep blue see All knows All hears all


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