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Shameless self promotion

29 Sep

One of my skills: I am quite deft at transcribing music. What kind? All, I like a challenge. And yes, I’m trying to make money. Send me your sound clip and depending on length I will return to you in a matter of days. By mail if preferred hand written, or by scan and email. Music software is on the blitz(I.e. I have none, short on money, hence the shameless self promo) so if you’d like to recommend a free or cheep music writing program so I don’t have to waste my time searching google id sure be grateful. And the snowball will be rolling! Or just send me your key to already purchased music program ( I e finale/ or orelious!) come on, you know you want to take a chance! And if you don’t, you will!


“Do You Despair?” (Kafka)

29 Sep


(From a 1910 diary entry).

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This post brought to you by the power of Nutella and Kingdom Rush (now out for free on iphone)

29 Sep


Monsters under your bed?  Just press play and do it to it.  Get it? Got it. Good. Yessir!  Good God Y’all! It’s an extravaganza bonanza at the gong show tonight and early this morning we’ve got a chance of rain and mindy the medical marvel:  a blast from the past forsooth and verily.  I tell you the truth:  not one of your Balrogs shall pass.  It’s a wonder you’re




Brought to you by the power of love in dark places and fire to purge the wicked and evil from this ever remorseful and shape shifting land.  Amoroso.

(insert shameless and purposeful advertisement) –where you can find kingdom rush flash with premium content and a link to the iphone game

29 Sep

Wow what a sight and a look. In my crosshairs baby sighted up and alone with nature.

Formosa Insight

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I am not amused!: top tens

29 Sep

Top ten best most fantastic online flash games:
Vector tower defense series
Bubble tanks td series
Bubble tanks
Hanna in a choppa 2

Top ten iPhone game apps:
Plants vs zombies
Fieldrunners 2
Tiny wings
Angry birds
Scramble with friends
Jet pack joyride

🐤tiny wings😄

29 Sep

Tiny wings review: game app for iPhone
Words to describe: a burgundy pleasure dome arena of rolling hills and sideways laughter bird-Dom. A complete measure of joy and frolicking meadows. Yellow hills red hills striped hills up down down up and again be careful and gather up that speed for take off Kermit the frog times three announces your liftoff timing right with peck and friends. Beautiful birds and rolling mountain ranges. A pleasure to behold. Watch yourself and forget to breathe, or don’t. It’s amusing because I say so. That really grinds my gears. And get a fish for finishing first and swallow a shrimp for last. Easy controls: just tap to descend and release to take off and fly- time your descents just right to gain the most altitude and speed your velocity is trampling a vector venn diagram victory is yours so change your name, Victor. And…..FIN. 5 out of 5 yellow beaks.

Musings of an amused museum muse

4 Sep

Using loose paper leaf binders to categorize scientific findings of raucous thunder and lightning blinding the forgotten wandering souls of a long lost volcanic slope 99 degrees and rising. You can do what you want but don’t clip the drip of the plumbers pipeline to the skull brain mind signs keep the word vining, climbing, proclaiming prophesying the life is in the rest of the eternal test. Museums house fossils and soldiers dodge bombshells ants build castles in the clouds with water vapor that enshrouds a still beating heart in your chest on the island of un forgotten hopes and dreams and realities.